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What the Duck?! 
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Afraid of vanishing in the Kickstarter Crowd?
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You have a GREAT game. 

The artwork looks AMAZING, the gameplay is SMOOTH as butter and it’s been playtested COUNTLESS times.

This is the final stretch.

Surprisingly, this is where 40% of Kickstarter campaigns drop the ball – 

You hit the “launch” button, and… a whimper.

Why aren’t players backing it? Why can’t they see the potential of this game??

It’s time to show the world what’s REALLY inside the box.

The potential is already there. Just let it out.

Blow up your campaign with an enthralling, visually engaging video!

Kagan Productions fun yellow duck logo.

Once they PLAY the video...

They will want to PLAY the game!

Here's how we do it ...


We will do an in-depth workshop to map out the best selling points of the game and match them up with your target audience and more importantly your SUPER FANS.

A to Z Production

We take care of the production from A to Z, taking as much as we can off your shoulders, so you can stress less, and focus on your product and campaign.


We don't cut cookies here - each video is personalized for your game, backed up by research and our years of experience obsessing over board games.

Our favorite trailers for board games

(You might have seen them on Kickstarter or Gamefound)

Play Video about Firefly board game video cover

Firefly: The Game – 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Gale Force Nine
$2,738,524 raised

Play Video about Video still of the board game trailer for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim by Kagan Productions.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Modiphius Entertainment
$1,494,764 raised

Play Video about Stonesaga board game video trailer cover

OOMM Games
$1,184,756 raised

Play Video about A screenshot of the video trailer for the Onslaught board game shows two characters facing off with yellow dice in the background.

Dungeons & Dragons
Straight to Retail

Play Video about Video still of the board game trailer for Dune - Adventures in the Imperium: Agents of Dune by Kagan Productions.

Dune – Adventures in the Imperium: Agents of Dune
Modiphius Entertainment
Straight to Retail

Play Video about Video still of the board game trailer for Star Realms by Kagan Productions.

Star Realms Rise of Empire
Robert Dougherty
$905,228 raised

Want to see more videos?

Ori Kagan, CEO & Founder of Kagan Productions, makers of AAA video trailers for board games.

Hi! I'm Ori ☺️

As a kid, I was always drawn to fantastical worlds. This could be through directing my own Star Wars fan films in the backyard, plastic lightsaber in hand, or spending countless hours engrossed in board games.

I harbored dreams of becoming a big-time filmmaker, creating blockbuster movies, and crafting my own magical universes.

However, as I transitioned into adulthood (though some would argue I never quite made that leap), my perspective on the film industry shifted. The glitz and glamour I had envisioned faded, replaced by the stark realities of toxic work environments and the relentless grind of the 9 to 5.

This revelation sparked a journey of rediscovery. It led me back to my childhood fascinations and inspired a unique niche: merging filmmaking and board games.

Today, I sometimes pinch myself, realizing that I’m working and playing in the fantastic worlds I used to only dream about.

Even better, I’ve rallied a whole team around this mission: to bring games to life, tell their stories, and enable more people worldwide to share in this dream.

Welcome to my world.

Ori Kagan, CEO & Founder of Kagan Productions, makers of AAA video trailers for board games, sits surrounded by (and covered by) many board game boxes. Nut Hunt is on his head and he is making a funny face.

What's all the quacking about?!

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With our help, our clients & partners have raised on Kickstarter ...

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"Our Kickstarter video pushed us over the top from professional into world-class"

"Our Kickstarter video pushed us over the top from professional into world-class"​

Ori's work on our Kickstarter video for Planegea pushed us over the top from professional into world-class, and helped us bring in over a quarter million dollars for that campaign. My first response to seeing it was: "HOLY CRAP!!! THE VIDEO IS STUNNING!!!"

Can't recommend him highly enough.
Michelle N.
Atlas Games

Crowdfunding can get very ... crowded
You can’t afford not to stand out

Having a pretty video will help, but if we don’t have a marketing strategy to back it up that will be like putting amazing frosting with no cake underneath.

Ask yourself these questions:

What makes your game GREAT?

Who are your Super Fans?

Can they easily understand what your game has to offer?

We not only want to make a pretty video. We want to make an effective video.

We found that telling the right story to the right person can cause an immediate “instabacking” effect!

An animated gif of the boardgame Botany shows beautiful cards shuffling onto the board.
From the game Botany: Flower Hunting in the Victorian Era — Funded with over $1.05M!!!
a green six-sided die shows three sides -- one with five white dots and two with a white letter K for Kickstarter.

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