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COMING SOON: A new program to turn your passion into profit

withĀ Ori Kagan

I’ve helped board game designers raise $19+ million in Kickstarter funding – are you next?

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      Ori's superfan methodology is a revelation that transformed our marketing, sales, and even our game designs!ā€‹
      Dusty Droz
      Designer, Botany

      Ori Can Make the Difference

      Ori can make the difference between a game that sells and a game that flops.
      Victor Shiu
      Director, LaunchBoom Games

      ā€œWhatā€™s this all about? Donā€™t make me wait, I want to know now!ā€ā€‹

      Trust me, itā€™s hard not to tell you everything right now ā€” I am SO excited about this  šŸ™Œ

      For the past 6 years, Iā€™ve helped board game designers raise millions on Kickstarter and Gamefound through my agency Kagan Productions ā€” through marketing strategy and epic video trailers.

      But for a while I have been wanting to help more people (like you!) bring their game into the world (without the $8,000-$25,000 price tag of my agency).

      Itā€™s kinda top secret but Iā€™ll tell you this much…

      Iā€™m putting together a program to teach you everything I know about marketing, strategy, and crowdfunding so you can get your game overfunded and into the world.

      The same stuff Iā€™ve shared with Dux Somnium (Botany – $1.05), One More Turn Games (Ascendancy – $476K), AND Sea Cow Games (Flock Together – $308K), ā€” and many more with $$$$$ results.

      Spots are going to be EXTREMELY limited (absolutely max 30 spots), so to be the first to find out about it, pop your name on the waitlist.

      We should be kicking off this fall, so youā€™re going to get the details SUPER soon šŸ‘€

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        Growth Beyond Expectations

        Ori's guidance brought clarity to our marketing process and helped us define our brand's voice and identity. Thanks to Ori's methods, our fan base grew beyond expectations!
        Aviad Tal
        Beyond the Screen

        Practical & Insightful

        As a creator new to crowdfunding, Ori filled the role of a coach, taking the time to understand my project and offering practical marketing insights based on first-hand experience.
        Heather Vaught Dixon
        Ori Kagan, CEO & Founder of Kagan Productions, makers of AAA video trailers for board games, sits surrounded by many board game boxes.

        Hey, Iā€™m Ori šŸ‘‹

        I was the kid who just wanted to play board games when I wasnā€™t filming a lightsaber fight for a Star Wars fan film šŸ˜…

        A self-confessed geek, turned video production agency founder, whoā€™s obsessed with helping people (like you!) turn your hobby and passion into profit. Because, hereā€™s the thing ā€”

        Your game will bring SO much joy and connection.

        It could be the gateway into the world of board games for someone who needs it so much.

        Not just to escape their reality and develop critical thinking, but to actually connect and share magical experiences with others (instead of doom-scrolling). Iā€™ve seen it happen countless times – itā€™s truly magical.

        And I take this mission very seriously. Which is what THIS project, soon to be revealed, is all aboutĀ  šŸ‘€

        Iā€™ve helped board game designers raise $19+ million in Kickstarter funding
        (like these ā¬‡ļø)

        First time creator campaign success

        Botany: A Victorian Expedition
        Dux Somnium Games
        $1,057,307 raised

        View on Kickstarter

        Flock Together
        Sea Cow Games
        $308,555 raised

        View on Kickstarter

        One More Turn Games
        $476,557Ā raised

        View on Kickstarter

        Book of Spirits
        Beyond the Screen
        $224,142 raised

        View on Kickstarter


        Now Iā€™m offering something completely new

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