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Looking to create your own 3D setup of your game?
Here is all you need to know!

Creating a 3D layout doesn't need to be scary.

Ready to try your hand at creating your own 3D layout for your game? Well, we’ve got tutorials for you! Blender is a free software anyone can download and start creating right away. Give it a shot. 

Start with our Blender Basics for Board Game Layouts video, then visit our YouTube channel for a deeper dive.

Ready for more?

Need a budget DIY solution?

Meet The Ultimate Board Game Blender Kit

It’s your time to shine!

The Ultimate Board Game Asset Kit is your one-stop shop solution to create stunning and realistic board game renders.

Simply choose a background, drag and drop assets, replace textures, and render – saving you hours and hours of work and will yield industry standard results.

The kit comes with 12 tutorials provided for using the kit and some general tips and workflows for creating board game assets – even some that are not included in the kit.